12 Jun, 2019

Diversity at Muru

Cultural diversity in Perú is one of its most precious intangible resources. Each region has its own cultural diversity. In Cusco region there are hundreds of communities, each with its own identity, which can be identified by its dances, colors and patterns of traditional garments, shape of huts and gastronomy.

At Muru we feel proud of the cultural diversity of our staff, Cusqueños who come from the city as well as from small cities around, whom for several years have shaped their careers in hospitality. Our people are proud of their cultural inheritance, and we are happy to share it with guests visiting from all over the world.

 “We may speak different languages, we may have grown up in different cultures, but we want to learn and get to know about each other, and for that there are no barriers if we live with open mind and arms.”