03 Jul, 2019

Muru Homely Hotel - who we are

Muru is a Quechua word which means seed. It is our first seed, we hope that it will flourish and then spread to other destinations as magical and unique as our beloved Cusco city. This seed was born and grows thanks to the warmth of the sun, the caress of the wind, the nutrients of the Pachamama (mother earth) and water from the Andean mountains. It is homely because we want our guests to feel at home while they travel to Peru, but with the facilities of a hotel.

We are Cusqueños, our founders and staff, people who worked for several years in hospitality, taking care of guests as if they were part of their family. The experience of our founders in luxury hospitality combined with the simplicity offered at a local house are the essence of Muru.

We aim to create a cozy ambiance, where one can rest and enjoy local flavours, offering the best of our culture with high quality service. We have travelled extensively around the world, experiencing other cultures and exploring wonderful places, therefore, we are pleased to say we are locals with a global vision.

As Cusqueños, we are proud of what our city and culture have to offer, and we are excited to share all that with our guests at Muru. We are convinced that connecting personally with culture, learning from locals is and will always be a key element to experience a destination in a memorable way. Come discover why Peru is the best place to visit.