12 Jun, 2019

Muru’s Location

Muru Homely Hotel is located right in the heart of Cusco, in the peaceful residential area of Lucrepata, right next to the artistic San Blas neighborhood. Only 10 minutes walk from Cusco’s main square.

Our guests can benefit from a quieter area of the city while still being very close to the city centre, where everything happens!. Given its residential and safe characteristic, you can experience local life, buy at the little corner shop, or see the kids walking to school early morning. 

Quite close to the Muru Homely Hotel, is the archeological area of Mesa Redonda, which offers incredible views over the city, and from which you can also walk to San Blas, excellent plan for an easy morning of exploration.

If you want to reach the Cusco centre quickly, the best route to take is following Chihuampata street, which connects to Ruinas street, then Santa Catalina street until the main square. Along the way you can see the San Blas market, small but with nice surprises: try freshly made juices, local food cooked by ladies who have been there for decades, meet the (Caseras) ladies from the fruit and vegetable stalls, maybe even try to negotiate prices, a quite useful skill to practice for shopping in the local markets and some stores.

Staying at Muru Homely Hotel Cusco is without doubt a great opportunity to enjoy Cusco in a unique way, more authentic, closer to its people, sleeping like at home, enjoying an energizing breakfast, with the care and attention of our local staff.